The Standards of Business Practice apply to all ARVDA dealers, including all persons employed, appointed or authorized by a dealer to act on a dealer’s behalf in any transaction arising from or related to the purchase, sale, or lease of recreation vehicles.  Members who disregard the Code of Ethics are subject to having their conduct reviewed and, after a fair review of the situation, may face disciplinary action by the ARVDA Board.

The purpose of the Standards of Business Practice is to assist members by illustrating what is expected of them.  The Standards of Business Practice attempt to illustrate the Code of Ethics by providing practical examples and by applying the standards of honesty and integrity in specific situations.  These represent minimum standards and are illustrative rather than exhaustive.  ARVDA anticipates that members will wish to exceed these minimum standards.

Members who know about a possible violation of the law or the Standards by another dealer, or if they know of a curbsider, are encouraged to report the matter to ARVDA with all the pertinent details of which the member may be aware.

A full Standards of Business Practice is here.